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E-Commerce Fulfillment Made Simple 

Multitasking is easier with extra arms.

That’s why Octo handles the packing, storing, and shipping. Octo takes care of your orders, so you can spend more time growing your business.

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All in one 3PL solution 

Our online platform provides a vast list of services with on-demand visibility. Effectively helping your company run smoother, faster and stay ahead of the competition.

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Barcoding and Labeling

Octo labels and barcodes your inventory  to provide regulatory information for product tracking and identification

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Pick and Pack

Octo handles the picking and shipping of your customer's orders

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Your products are unloaded from our truck, sorted, and then directly reloaded on outbound trucks.

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Expedited and same-day shipping

Get fast shipping and same day delivery

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Discounted shipping rates

Receive shipping discounts on large orders 

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Return Management

We handle all returns and take care of collecting, sorting, and restocking inventory that has been returned or exchanged

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Real-time Dashboard At-A-Glance

 Receive real-time updates on all orders and deliveries. 

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Automated Invoices, Reports & Insights

Your invoices, reports, & insights are processed automatically, saving your business time and resources. 

The OctoShip Difference

As a company who has been in your shoes, we understand the challenges that accompany fulfillment. 

At OctoShip, we don’t just listen to your company’s mission, we make it our own.   

From manual expertise and automation to storing your inventory in fully temperature-controlled facilities, Octo has you covered. 

  • Advanced technologies and tailored solutions that unleash the full potential of your business.

  • Guaranteed error-free shipping

  • Fast and timely order fulfillment 

  • Full transparency every step of the way

3 Steps to Sucess

Octo’s 3 Steps to Success

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Your Store 

With just a few clicks, you can easily link your online store(s) to OctoShip’s specialized platform. 

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Send Your Inventory

Octo will seamlessly transfer your products to the secure climate-controlled fulfillment center(s) in Dania Beach, FL. 

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Octo Handles the Rest 

Sit back and relax as your orders are delivered to happy customers. Plus, receive live updates, notifications, and scheduled reports while overseeing order and inventory management.


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Contact Us

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